Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2015 at Sofitel


Having built its own line of tradition, the fashion presentation at Sofitel Kurfürstendamm Berlin during the opening night of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out has become one of the must-sees of the yearly three-day extravaganza set up by fashion’s most important point of reference. Following up on last year’s Mongrels In Common edition, the 2015 installation, which took place this past Wednesday, saw the hotel’s library temporary transformation into a pop-up store by Eva Lutz’s label MINX, a longtime essential at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

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“Fashion inspires one’s personality and leaves an imprint on one’s personal environment. Fashion is, if anything, about motivation and passion.” It is this philosophy which guides Eva Lutz’s creative work. Focusing on clean, yet charming cuts bathed in bold, yet soothing colors like marsala or bordeaux, her designs are a self-assuring statement of both strong dedication and the playful joy that is fashion.

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“I don’t design my collections according to overall themes, but, as an haptic, sensitive person, will rather just let myself be guided by the sheer qualities of the material”, says Eva Lutz, who looked marvelous this night in a weightless black one-piece and was clearly happy to be able to get in touch with the people who love her work. Besides sticking to classics like wool or silk, Lutz has fallen in love with long shunned polyester, which she says has undergone a major development. “It is comfortable, low-maintenance, and just a perfect fit for people who love to travel.”

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While it would have been alluring to talk fabrics with Eva Lutz all night long, fashion was only half the fun during Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, with splash and splendor created by the most classy set-up at Sofitel Kurfürstendamm Berlin. To the beat of refreshingly progressive records (digitally) spinned by a DJ, the hotel showed off its culinary craftsmanship with delicious delights like grilled scampi on a fluffy bed of fennel, orange and bergamot cream, beef breast spiced up with mango, bell pepper and coriander, or the most delicious banon goat cheese accompanied by smoked tomato, broad bean, and aubergine. To accompany these delicacies, bar chef Nico Wieduwilt had created a summery cocktail of Sauvignon Blanc infused with raspberries, basil, sugar cane syrup, and soda water – an easy, yet distinguished drink that perfectly represented the mood of the night which it helped propel.