Visiting The Reichstag

Mirror mirror - inside the Reichstag's dome. Image (c) Deutscher Bundestag : Julia Nowak-Katz


Although when people talk about the Berliner Dom they’re referring to the church on Museum Insel, it often makes me think of the other prominent dome along Berlin’s skyline – the Reichstag. Home to the German Bundestag (parliament) since 1999 following a re-build after WWII and then again during the 90’s when British architect Sir Norman Foster added the glass dome, the Reichstag is now the most visited parliament in the world.


'To the German people'. Image: Bundestag (c) Deutscher Bundestag : Julia Nowak-Katz

The Reichstag on a beautiful day. Image: c Deutscher Bundestag Katrin Neuhauser.


The building consists of a main chamber, its glass dome and three additional buildings housing offices for parliament members and staff. There are guided tours of the Reichstag’s main building daily, with special tours for families and also groups in the following languages: Danish, English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese, Russian and Spanish. A couple of art and architecture tours are also available (after which visitors can also access the dome). For more information on the opening hours and tours click here.


Inside the glass dome. Image: Bundestag kupel c Deutscher Bundestag Jörg F. Müller


For me a personal highlight is visiting the dome. The audio guide informs you of all of Berlin’s important landmarks which sprawl before you into the distance – the vast swath of green (or brown, depending on what time of year) which is the Tiergarten, the close and seemingly small Brandenburger Tor and the skyscrapers of Potsdammer Platz all clearly visible. One of the best vantage points in the city, the dome is a place you can visit again and again – simply the change in season or time of day enough to present a new angle on this wonderful cityscape.


Twice as beautiful - the Reichstag reflected. Image: (c) Deutscher Bundestag : Julia Kummerow


For all tours booking in advance is essential. You’ll be emailed your time slot and must remember to take your passport along on the day for routine security checks – you can register online here.


Reichstag Building 

Platz der Republik 1




Opening hours: Daily 8am until 12 midnight

For more information visit the website here.