Transmediale: Face Value

Berlin’s most highly regarded art and digital culture festival transmediale is held every February with a month of events, that also carry on into other projects held continuously throughout the year. Transmediale’s 30 year history has established it as one of the more prestigious festivals of its kind, showcasing some of the most interesting and innovative works, ideas and artists of recent history.

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This year’s theme, face value refers to the apparent worth or value of something as it is, rather than as it appears to be. Transmediale will explore this idea through workshops aimed at fostering critical dialogue around this topic, as well as understanding the way art, culture and technology are presented and intersect in the modern age.

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The festival has explored the most cutting edge technologies well before the internet was invented and still supports the notion that technology is more than the digital world. It also places a broader perspective on arts and culture, and looks at things created outside of institutional constructs or production fields.

Finding Fanon Part Three Prologue_Larry Achiampong_and_David Blandy_2016 © Claire Barrett transmediale 2018

Transmediale welcomes a global audience of over 25,000 artists, activists, media art professionals, researchers, film makers, designers, writers, thinkers, students and more and is supported by the German Federal Government as a beacon of contemporary culture. The festival programme ranges from exhibitions, screenings and performances to conferences, talks, workshops and publications with an evolving format from year to year that encourages transdisciplinary thinking.

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One of the most important things to come out of transmediale’s 30 year history is its archive. A curated collection of experimental media and digital art and culture that is updated on an ongoing basis and provides a comprehensive history of media art. You can explore the transmediale archive here.

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Transmediale will open with a rousing ceremony on Wednesday 31st January from 6pm till midnight, featuring speeches from many of its participants. The festival runs until the 4th February and the full schedule can be viewed online. Many of the full day festival passes have sold out but check here for single tickets to individual events. Transmediale is held at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt on John Foster Dulles Allee 10 by the Spree. Transport information and opening hours can be found here online.




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