That Frühling Feeling

The blossoms have well and truly exploded all over the city and everyone’s happy to have seen the last of those cheeky little snowfalls that snuck in over Easter. It’s true Spring is here and now we can freely rejoice in that Frühling feeling (*note for foreigners – Frühling is German for Spring). There is always plenty to do in Berlin but there is a unique kind of joy in spring time that comes from the sheer exhilaration we all feel, as we emerge from the darkness and feel the almost warm sun on our faces once again. So if you’re in berlin for a day or a week, here are a few tips on how to make the most of the most heavenly scented season of the year.

Bike Spring © Melinda Barlow


Wander Through a Sea of Paper Birds

Although ‘When the Sky Meets the Earth!’ is an indoor event, it more than gets us in the mood for the season with its abundance of folded birds and spectacular colours. The origami installation hosted by Bikini Berlin features a glorious sea of delicate origami objects, bursting with colour across the floors and suspended from the ceilings of the Bikini Berlin concept mall. Another reason you should definitely go is that it finishes this weekend! Sunday is the last day to admire the intricate work of French visual artist Mademoiselle Maurice and best of all it’s free!


“When the Sky meets the earth!” by @mademoisellemaurice 23 March – 30 April at Bikini Berlin

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Eat Some Cake in the Sun

Berliners are a committed bunch and they will sit outside to eat all year round. Many visitors shake their head in wonder as they stroll past the outdoor diners – Berliners huddled under heaters, sitting on sheepskin lined seats, wrapped in 3 blankets, eating a hot meal with snow at their feet. For those of us who like to feel our fingers while we eat, Spring is our ‘re-a-cake-ening’! Strolling along blossom lined streets, drinking in the fresh air and basking in the golden sun, to stumble across a neighbourhood cafe with too many cakes to choose from inside. I promise every single cafe will have cheesecake too so make sure at least one of your orders that. Spring also means that the German preference for decorating meals with fresh herbs and flowers is in overdrive and you will find spring blossoms scattered across almost everything you order. Everything looks so pretty!

Spring cake © Amy Treasure


Get Creative With Your Spring Blossoms

Local florist Marsano has filled the hotel with their stunning arrangements on many occasions and their bouquets have even been presented to Germany’s beloved Mutti – Angela Merkel. We all get inspired with so many beautiful blossoms and blooms around us but sometimes the actual execution of that inspiration looks far from instagram worthy so why not learn how to arrange from the best? Marsano offer workshops throughout the year and you may just catch one while you’re in town. Best is to email them directly for up to date information on their 2017 workshop programmes, but you can also get a good idea of what they have to offer here.

Marsano 7


Spring Wining and Dining

Sofitel Kurfürstendamm is home to the innovative French Restaurant Le Faubourg as well as the very cool and ‘oh so Berlin’, Lounge Bar Le Faubourg. The restaurant focuses very much on seasonal dishes, looking at fresh and interesting ingredients for its menu and serving individual star ingredients in two ways – traditional and nouveau. From corn fed chicken to fresh asparagus, fish, salads and fresh juice palate cleansers, Restaurant Le Faubourg is the perfect spring dining destination, for lunch or dinner. Reservations can be made here. Before you eat though it’s always nice to enjoy an aperitif and the team at Lounge Bar Le Faubourg have an impressive suite of cocktails and light refreshing spring drinks for you perusal. Why not try the Sauvignon Blanc cocktail, made from fresh raspberries, basil and pouilly fume (Sauvignon Blanc) from France. Sauv Blank cocktail © Restaurant Le Faubourg Facebook Page


Melinda Barlow is an Australian freelance writer and editor, based in Berlin since 2012. Melinda works with print and online media and has a natural curiosity that informs her work. She is passionate about travel and great content. She loves to write most about the world, its people and why we all do what we do.