Summer Sounds at Le Faubourg Lounge Bar

Berlin comes alive in the summer and there is no better place to launch yourself into its party atmosphere than right here in our hotel at Le Faubourg Lounge Bar. Every month we have a programme of some of Europe’s finest DJs on board to get you in just the right mood to start the weekend. Every Friday and Saturday night from 9pm.

DJ Oct © Corey Blaz

Friday 2nd June ISA GT

Colombian singer and DJ ISA GT launches us into June and she is more than up for the task. Resident DJ @ Sketch, she also has spots at The Hospital Club, Le Baron, 
as well as countless fashion parties and events to her name.

Isa GT © Todd Hart

Isa GT © Todd Hart

Saturday 3rd June DJ Vela

DJ Vela is no stranger to the Le Faubourg Lounge bar. She is co-founder of the Dangerous Drums record label and party series and is also known for her monthly radio show on BLN FM. The Berlin based DJ has a love of dance music and super techfunk sets. She has played across the globe including clubs and festivals in India, Japan, Brazil, and the USA, and toured widely across Europe.

DJ Vela

DJ Vela

Friday 9th June Rufus

Fresh from sets locally at Panorama Bar, Wilde Renate and Watergate, Rufus is one of the Italian electronic music scene’s most innovative DJs. Deeply researched, he delivers old school tunes in a complex blending of genres from dance music to garage-house with just the right dose of good Detroit bass line techno. Listen here on his soundcloud.



Saturday 10th June David Boo Boogieman

When he is not hosting his own parties (Which way to the Stars? & Street Beats) with the likes of Alex From Tokyo, Ian Pooley, Eddie C, The Drifter, Ptaki and many more, Boogiemann is also a very active DJ in Berlin’s finest underground clubs, his blend of disco and house music brings dance floors to life. 
He has also released music on Kolour Recordings and Midnight Riot with his partner in crime Stan Tropic. Their first vinyl release came out a coupe of years ago. For more listen here

DJs Vinyl © Lee Campbell

Friday 16th June DJ Jauche

DJ Jauche. A legend on the scene from Berlin’s heady days of clubs and delirium. His reputation is solid and his career launched from his residencies at Walfisch in the ’90’s. For Berlin artistry and a sound all his own, check him out here on soundcloud.


DJ Jauche

Saturday 17th June Ekkohaus

Old school club sounds meet house and techno blends. Lines are blurred and samples are aplenty as Ekkohaus joins us again at Le Faubourg. He will fill your Saturday night with all the sounds you need and transport you to the place you need to be the most. Check him out here on soundcloud and we have a new mix of his work on our soundcloud too (see end of post for link).



Friday 24th June Hara Katsiki

Hara Katsiki (also from Birds and Bells) twice in February – on Friday 20th and Saturday 28th. Spending her formative years in the Athens club scene, the foundations of her music today are in moody electronic blends of lounge, deep house and slow motion disco.

Hara Katsiki spends a night with us on Saturday 21st and regulars of Bar Tausend will know her as the winner of the New Faces Award. More than a decade of sun and sea in the Greek Islands then delivered her to Berlin where she delivers sexy lounge music just when we need it most.

Hara Katsiki is becoming a fixture at the Sofitel. Berlin based music management agency Birds and Bells has some of the coolest women in town on its books, including the oh so stylish Hara Katsiki. She has graced the decks at Le Faubourg countless times and never disappoints with moody electronic blends of lounge, deep house and slow motion disco. She has a very cool Tumblr and of course you can tune in to her magic on soundcloud.

Hara Katsiki 2017 5 RS

Hara Katsiki

Saturday 25th June Natalia Escobar

Natalia Escobar blends Colombian pop lyrics with synth stylings, from the hottest spots in Hong Kong, Bogota, and Vienna to the floors of many of London’s coolest spots. Natalia’s deep and diverse productions have held court at Berlin’s own Club Der Visionaere and on Jan 15th she is all ours. Listen to more here on her soundcloud.

Natalia Escobar

Natalia Escobar. Image © Nico Stinghe II

To get that Le Faubourg feeling, check out the Sofitel’s soundcloud featuring some of these artists along with a few other surprises. Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm in Le Faubourg Lounge Bar.

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