Stephen Shore. Retrospective at C|O Berlin

One of our favourite local photographic spaces and partners has just opened yet another stunning exhibition and if it’s like anything else they have put on ever it will be amazing. C/O Berlin at Amerika Haus is hosting ‘Stephen Shore, Retrospective‘ from 6th February to 22nd May 2016 and this is the one and only place you will see these works in Germany so RUN, don’t walk – to get there ASAP!

Oregon © Stephen Shore

South of Klamath Falls, U.S. 97, Oregon, July 21, 1973. From the series “Uncommon Places” © Stephen Shore. Courtesy 303 Gallery, New York & Sprüth Magers


“I wanted to make pictures that felt natural, that felt like seeing, that didn’t feel like taking something in the world and making a piece of art out of it.” Stephen Shore


The exhibition features over 300 pictures from the US photographer’s career, some of which have never been published before. Currently based in New York City and still working, Stephen Shore’s eye has always been drawn to the intimate moments – the tiny details of life that we often overlook. Things that in their own way determine the mood or atmosphere of a moment or a room, a place or a wide open space. His passion is observational recordings of the external world, that reflect his internal interpretation of them and this process of documenting experiences is the foundation of his work.

Texas © Stephen Shore

West Ninth Avenue, Amarillo, Texas. October 2, 1974. From the series “Uncommon Places” © Stephen Shore. Courtesy 303 Gallery, New York & Sprüth Magers

A New York City native, he was born in 1947 and his first major photographic success was the sale of 3 works to then then curator of the Museum of Modern Art. His images speak for themselves but of course his artistic endeavours must be informed by his history and the beginning of his artistic life began in the late 1960’s. Like many artists of the time he too had a ‘Warhol period’ and while based at ‘The Factory’, he helped out with the technical side of things as well as refined his relationship to subject. He had many interactions with the artist and the people who came and went through Warhol’s studio during this period. He was able to learn through this time about the flexibility of perception and how photography can artistically engage with this.

Most of his work captures everyday American life, and in the 1970’s his experimentation with colour in his work quietly revolutionised the feeling at the time that colour was a vulgar and unnecessary element in many instances.

Utah © Stephen Shore

Trail‘s End Restaurant, Kanab, Utah, August 10, 1973. From the series “Uncommon Places“ © Stephen Shore. Courtesy 303 Gallery, New York & Sprüth Magers

Tampa © Stephen Shore

Ginger Shore, Causeway Inn, Tampa, Florida, Nov. 17, 1977. From the series “Uncommon Places“ © Stephen Shore. Courtesy 303 Gallery, New York & Sprüth Magers

Throughout his career he has been adaptive to changes artistically and commercially and has managed to continue to develop his career in both the analogue and digital worlds. He has effortlessly adapted to technological advances and adjusted how his works are presented and delivered to the world in accordance with audiences changing habits. The immediacy of digital distribution has informed his more recent works and he has embraced the new, through mediums that suit his desired expression such as his instagram account. His works have featured in numerous hard and soft copy publications and have been exhibited across the world. Including right now in Berlin.

Admission to C/O Berlin is 10 Euro and opening hours are 11am – 8pm daily. For more information go to


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