New Autumn Menu at Le Faubourg

As autumn progresses, its not just the trees that mark the change – the produce changes too and Restaurant Le Faubourg has a brand new menu that brings the best of this season’s specialties to the table. As is the case with all of Le Faubourg’s menus, the tastes of the season are creatively presented in traditional or nouveau style for all tastes.

Sellerie-Haselnuss EssenzV2

Celery hazelnut essence with pear and crispy duck

The traditional approach uses classic ingredients, following the original French style preparation and recipes, while the nouveau approach uses the same base ingredient such as fish, lamb or duck, in new and interesting ways to give a contemporary spin to the same style of dish. The autumn menu is now being served and it should definitely not be missed.


Pumpkin starter to share


Goose liver start to share

The starter menu offers a selection of intricate flavour combinations and stylish creations including pumpkin with ricotta, parsley, kernel, dandelion and mushrooms, goose liver with peach, coffee, quinoa, herbs, and carp with wheatgrass, rice, champignon, kohlrabi and apple. The starter menu dishes are designed so that a few can be ordered, shared by the table and everyone has the opportunity to try the selection of tastes.

Wildschwein (2)

Wild boar traditional style as a main


Wild – Loin of venison nouveau style as a main

Zander Nouveau

Pike perch nouveau style as a main

The main courses menu is designed around 5 primary choices, each cooked in two different ways – traditional and nouveau. A wild meat choice is served traditionally as wild boar with quince, walnut, celery, mushrooms or nouveau style as loin of venison with sweet potato, cabbage, macadamia nuts, plum and shallots. Similarly, the pike perch is served traditionally with sauerkraut, noodle, mushrooms and cream or nouveau style with pumpkin, courgette, pistachio, pancetta and corn. Also on the menu are veal, monkfish and two vegetarian options with a tagliatelle dish and a ravioli dish.

Fudge Kuchen

Dessert – Fudge Cake with orange blossom ice cream, green coffee creme and crunchy brown butter

You must be sure to leave room for dessert! Each dish is a work of art and will please those looking for something light as much as the chocolate lovers. Highlights include the Rose & viola with lychee, grapefruit and ginger crème and the fudge cake with orange blossom ice cream, green coffee creme and crunchy brown butter.

Reservations can be made here. You can also book through reception or call 030 800 999 7700. Why not follow Restaurant Le Faubourg on Facebook to keep up to date with all their delicious offerings every season.



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