Our head pastry chef Raphael's very own antidote to the Berlin winter blues - milk chocolate winter brownie. Delicieux!


If you’re feeling glum that the sunshine has subsided and the cold days are drawing in worry not – we have the perfect recipe to put a smile back on your face, courtesy of our very own pastry chef Raphael. Let us present: the milk chocolate winter brownie. Consisting of a deliciously dense nutty brownie base and a milk chocolate mousse topping, this is the perfect dessert to rustle up both as a dinner party dish or as a pick-me-up for a rainy Sunday afternoon.




60g whole egg

120g sugar

Pinch of salt

50g dark chocolate

75g butter

50g flour

50g chopped nuts


Raphael in action, cutting some lovingly prepared brownie base


The next step - spreading deliciously dark chocolate over the base



1. Mix the egg, sugar and salt.

2. Melt the dark chocolate with the butter.

3. Add the flour and chopped nuts to the mixture. Raphael used pistachios, hazelnuts and walnuts but you can substitute these for any nuts you like.

4. Bake in the oven at 165 degrees for around 25 minutes.

5. When cool an extra option is to spread a layer of milk chocolate mousse over the brownie, before applying a dark chocolate glass age on top. Decorate to taste, perhaps with chocolate swirls and silver leaf, if you’re feeling fancy.


So there you have it – the perfect number to beat any looming winter blues. Follow or exclude step 5 according to preference, and remember you can change the chocolate to cater to your tastes. Another option – visit Le Faubourg Restaurant and let Raphael do it for you – he’d be happy to help!