By beginning his career in his early teens, Mathias Brandweiner now has the distinction of being Germany’s youngest sommelier. Mathias, along with our Chef de Cuisine Felix Mielke, has created a bi-monthly wine evening –  ‘MEIN WEIN by Mathias and the first was held at the end of April, in conjunction with Winery Odinstal.

Mathias Brandweiner - proud sommelier at Le Faubourg Restaurant

Mathias lives and breathes wine and his passion is to share his love of wine with others. He created the event to offer the hotel guests the chance to learn the art of drinking wine. Mathias likes to choose less familiar wines and wines that have limited availability, to give our guests a unique experience. Mathias has established an impressive collection of wines and we now have more than 150 individually selected wines in our cellar. For each of the MeinWein events, Mathias will be searching through his impressive contact list and inviting some of Europe’s best winemakers to join us and share their expertise and insights.

Trimbach Estate in Ribeauvillé Image © Trimbach Estate

Trimbach Estate in Ribeauvillé Image © Trimbach Estate

In June we are pleased to present F.E Trimbach winery. Located in Ribeauvillé, France, this family run business has been making wines since the 16th century so tradition is a big part of their approach and today the 12th and 13th generations of the Trimbach family are at the helm. Trimbach is located in the Alsace region in the South East of France. The region runs along the Rhine and the German border and down into Switzerland and is the spiritual home of Gewürtztraminer grapes, which were first cultivated here. The Trimbach white wine collection offers high quality wines with characteristics typical of limestone soil grown grapes. However Trimbach wines are very structured and bottle aged so offer quite unique flavours.

Trimbach Riesling Image © Trimbach Estate

Trimbach Riesling Image © Trimbach Estate

MeinWein by Mathias is a great chance for guests to learn more about wine, through meeting winemakers. Mathias explains. “It’s a very personal experience to learn how they work, and the art of their wine production. The customer can see the winemaker, hear their stories and ask questions also.”

Chef de Cuisine Felix has created a specific menu to suit the wines and the June menu for the event offers 5 different courses, with each dish carefully chosen to best accompany Mathias’s selection of Trimbach’s wines.

All of the wines tasted will also be available for purchase at the event, and for the week after. Special prices will be offered to those in attendance at the event.

‘MEIN WEIN by Mathias’ will be held on Thursday 11th June at 6.30 pm in Le Faubourg Restaurant with food served at 7pm. Tickets are €85.00 for all 5 courses including wine. Reservations must be made in advance, so please call Robert on 030 800 999 7700 to secure your place!










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