June is Fête de la DJs! at Le Faubourg Lounge.

June is when the real summer action begins. It’s peak time for bicycles and cocktails and lazy days in the sun and almost everywhere there is music! Le Faubourg Lounge bar has a great line up of DJs this month, including a bonus evening to celebrate Fête de la Musique on June 21st! So check out our schedule and join us for smooth tunes and really sexy cocktails.

After owning the crowd at Club der Visionaere in Berlin, Natalia Escobar brings to us Colombian pop blended with solid synth sounds from stints in Hong Kong, Bogota, Vienna, and London. Appearing  in our Lounge Bar on Friday June 5th from 9pm.

Clarice is queen on June 6 as we all bow down to a true Berliner. With a decade and a half of club life behind her, she delivers the classics from pop, cinema and more and as well as Le Faubourg has also appeared at Soho House, Cookies, Berlinale closing parties and Bar Tausend.

Natalia Escobar. Image © Nico Stinghe II



Rufus crosses genres and innovates with sound to blend old school tunes with complex layers taken from house, dance, garage and techno. Despite a loyal following in Italy, he is no stranger to clubbers in Berlin with shows at Panorama Bar, Wilde Renate and Watergate. Come and see for yourself, on Friday June 12th from 9pm.

Co-founder of the Dangerous Drums record label and party series, DJ Vela is Berlin based and known by many for her monthly radio show on BLN FM, but she plays the global stage, including clubs and festivals in India, Japan, Brazil, and the USA. She has also toured widely across Europe with her super tech funk sets and is in the lounge on Saturday June 13th from 9pm.



DJ Vela

On Friday June 19th you can see some real Berlin artistry in action with local institution DJ Jauche in the lounge, followed on Saturday 20th by DJ Hound Dog. She is familiar to Radio Eins listeners and has some great tunes lined up for her sets with us from 9pm in Le Faubourg Lounge.

As mentioned previously, two of our favourites will share the floor on June 21st as we celebrate the international event Fete de la Musique along with the rest of Berlin.

Hara Katsiki from Birds and Bells is best known for sexy beach sounds, with disco and electronic stylings interlaced together. She has played clubs, festivals and events across Europe and has spent more than a decade of her career holding court at clubs in Athens and the Greek Islands.

Also from Birds and Bells is New York born club madame and creative force Joie Iacono. Now Berlin based, she has an eclectic style and brings a unique experience to her sets every time.

Hara Katsiki

Hara Katsiki - Saturday 30th May

The colourful Joie Iacono

If you want to know about the music scene in West Berlin in the early 80’s, then Kalle Kuts is the man to meet. Sharing his passion for music from this time with Daniel W Best, Kalle Kuts is part of the G.I Disco project and as a result brings you some of the best classic tunes of the era. Come and experience a taste of early 80’s West Berlin on Friday June 26th.

David Boo Boogieman wraps up the month on Saturday June 27th with a blend of disco and house that is all his own. He has played  self hosted parties such as ‘Which way to the Stars?’ and ‘Street Beats’, collaborated with many of Europe’s finest and is a regular in the underground club scene here. Now he comes for the first time to us at Le Faubourg. He and partner Stan Tropic celebrated their first vinyl release at the end of May so the freshest tunes will be yours on the night.

Kalle Kuts Image © Oliver Rath

Kalle Kuts Image © Oliver Rath

For all these talented DJs and more, listen at your leisure to our carefully curated selection here on the Sofitel SoundCloud.

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