Hotel Concorde Berlin

©Vincent Mosch

We’ve got some great “Fresh & French” topics to keep you entertained this week:

Wine and Taste

– This week, as the days become shorter and the temperatures plummet in Berlin, I go in search of something to cheer me up and warm my cockles: afternoon tea at the Hotel Concorde. The delicious cakes and perfectly brewed teas get the seal of approval from me.


– This week we paid a visit to our neighbours at the Küchenladen. They’ve got the finest collection of kitchenware I’ve ever seen with everything from heart-shaped pots and pans to a knife for opening oysters. This shop is a treat for anybody with a love of cooking, or alternatively a love of being cooked for. Nothing says “I’d like breakfast in bed tomorrow” like some porcelain eggcups, carefully giftwrapped.