Fine French Dining at Restaurant Le Faubourg

Restaurant Le Faubourg brings seasonal specialties and a combined modern and traditional approach to its menu, which is updated every 3 months to reflect the latest produce and the chef’s stunning creativity. The team in the kitchen present a carefully developed menu in traditional or nouveau style for all tastes and if you haven’t eaten there yet, you should book immediately! Share in the joy many have already discovered, that is fine French dining at Le Faubourg.

Beetroot catfish

Beetroot, catfish, seaweed, fennel, cucumber, buckwheat

The menu is structured around a selection of seasonal soups, followed by starters designed to be shared. The traditional approach uses classic ingredients, following the original French style preparation and recipes, while the nouveau approach uses the same base ingredients such as fish, beef or chicken, in new and interesting ways to give a contemporary spin to the same style of dish.

Parmesan soup

Parmesan soup, water cress, suckling pig cheek

Goose liver

Goose liver, carrot, yoghurt, nut muesli, sorrel

 Sweet potato

Sweet potato, stilton, lettuce, artichoke, asparagus

The starter menu offers a selection of intricate flavour combinations and stylish creations. There are those pictured above, as well as a range of other choices of seafood, beef, lamb and vegetarian options. The cheek and tongue of lamb with sage, ratatouille and lardo is a warming winter dish and the smoked eggplant with barigoule vegetables, vinegar pearls, endive and sheep’s yogurt offers a nice counter balance to those rich flavours. Lighter options include scallop with tomato, anise, avocado, sesame and Jerusalem artichoke or mackerel with wheatgrass, rice, champignon, kohlrabi, apple and wasabi. The starter menu dishes are designed so that a few can be ordered, shared by the table and everyone has the opportunity to try the selection of tastes.

 Chicken curry

Chicken curry, coconut, sweet potato, peas,

Filet of beef

Filet of beef, potato, artichoke, tomato, chard

The main course menu is designed around 5 primary choices, each cooked in two different ways – traditional and nouveau. The current menu features beef, chicken, monkfish, mullet and a vegetarian option. Each ingredient is cooked two ways – the chicken curry pictured above in nouveau style while the beef is traditional. Their counterparts are a traditional French style lemon chicken with parsley, romaine lettuce and onion and nouveau style 24 hour beef served with bbq onions, corn, mushrooms and radish. The seafood currently being served is monkfish or mullet and the vegetarian options are a tagliatelle or a polenta dish.

 Apple & beetroot sorbet

Apple & beetroot sorbet, meringue, chocolate Chantilly, vinegar

 Caramelised brioche

Caramelised brioche, pear, pecannut ougatine, nutbuttersorbet, sage

You must be sure to leave room for dessert! Each dish is a work of art and will please those looking for something light as much as the those who like a more decadent choice. Highlights include the sorbet and brioche pictured above but chocolate lovers should not miss the Chocolate Xtreme, with chocolate crème & mousse, brownie and sorbet.

Reservations can be made here. You can also book through reception or call 030 800 999 7700. Why not follow Restaurant Le Faubourg on Facebook to keep up to date with all their delicious offerings every season.

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