February tunes at Le Faubourg Lounge Bar

The snow is still swirling here and there, but amidst patches of blue sky and even a ray of sunshine here and there. Yes it’s still winter but the countdown to spring is on and we are here to help you pass the time with DJs and cocktails at Le Faubourg Lounge Bar. Come join us, because the music sounds better with you.

Friday 9th February Dieta Berliner

DJ Deita Berliner has an extensive list of credits to his name. Known from Pakalolo Soundlab, he has done sets at many of Berlin’s most prestigious and well known bars and clubs. From Bar Tausend, Neue Heimat, Soho House and Café am Neuen See, to Arena Club, About: Blank, Tresor/Globus, Volksbühne/Roter Salon and Paloma Bar to name but a few. Check out the sounds here on Soundcloud.

Dieta Berliner

Saturday 10th February Ekkohaus

Old school club sounds meet house and techno blends. Lines are blurred and samples are aplenty as Ekkohaus joins us again at Le Faubourg. He will fill your Saturday night with all the sounds you need and transport you to the place you need to be the most. Check him out here on soundcloud.



Friday 16th February DJ Valis

DJ Valis has worked in almost every venue imaginable for more than two decades, including the Love Parade, Badeschiff Berlin and the Berlinale. A regular in some of Berlin’s best bars including Solar, Bar Tausend and Monkey Bar, his classic ambient electronica is a sound uniquely his own. For more check out his Facebook page.

DJ Valis

DJ Valis

Saturday 17th February Nathalie Capello

Originally from Rotterdam, Natale is now based in Berlin. Her first time with us at Le Faubourg, Natale is known for her bouncy, up beat, retro inspired sets, weaving together the best sounds from disco, Italo, acid and 80s piano house music. She has done sets at all the city’s hottest clubs including Birgit, Farbfernseher, Süss. War Gestern, Chalet and Salon zur Wilden Renate and in February she adds us to her list. Check her sounds out here on soundcloud.


Nathalie Capello

Friday 23rd February Danny Russell

Now based in Berlin, Danny’s story originates in Manchester and continues in 2018 upon a new canvas set right in the motherland of electronic music. His music tastes were refined on the Manchester underground scene and his name has been embedded in gig guides for more than a decade. His sound brings Balearic house and deep disco together and his energetic approach to ‘audio architecture’ should not be missed.

Danny Russell

Danny Russell

Saturday 24th February Hara Katsiki 

Berlin based music management agency Birds and Bells has some of the coolest women in town on its books, including the oh so stylish Hara Katsiki. She has graced the decks at Le Faubourg countless times and never disappoints with moody electronic blends of lounge, deep house and slow motion disco. She has a very cool Tumblr and of course you can tune in to her magic on soundcloud.

Hara Katsiki 2017 5 RS

Hara Katsiki

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