Experiencing Berlin Fashion Week

This coming week Berlin Fashion Week is taking over the city and you shouldn’t be too surprised that it will be a little more difficult to get a cab. The city will be bustling and hustling with fashion professionals and those who would like to be one. Of course as it’s mostly made as an industry event you won’t get into many of these events without an accreditation or invitation. But there will be plenty of side events that are open to the public and we picked out a few of the most interesting ones for you so you can dive right into the fashionable fun. Enjoy or list of our 6 favorite events and parties that you shouldn’t miss.

photo: iHeartBerlin

1. The Fashion Week Opening Party by Dandy Diary

One of the hottest – if not the hottest – parties during Berlin Fashion Week is the theme party by our fellow bloggers of the scandalous menswear blog Dandy Diary that normally happens the night before the week starts. Their parties have been so legendary and no one wants to miss it, thanks to the ever changing and exciting venues and their special surprise acts such as Brooke Candy or 90s rave legend Scooter. This season the party happens on Sunday evening starting at 22h at Möckernstr. 120 and the (strict) dresscode for the night is psychedelic 60s and 70s. You  better be there early or you won’t get in! And make sure to dress to impress because the guests of this party really take the outfit challenge seriously! But it’s worth the effort because this party is crazy.

photo: Vektor Store

2. Designer Sale by projektGalerie at Vektor Store

The projektGalerie side events have been an essential element of the avant-gardy and underground side of Berlin Fashion Week for many years now. They have done all kinds of events and collaborations from shows, installations, parties, exhibitions and what not. This season they do their big designer sale which is one of the best opportunity to get amazing Berlin fashion for a really good price because literally all significant labels from here will be selling their archive and samples here. The sale goes on during the entire week until Sunday open daily from 11-20h at the Vektor Store at Gormanstr. 23. On Monday evening there is also a special opening event connecting art and fashion, as well as long opening times for the sale.

photo: Maria Testino

3. Mario Testino Exhibition

Normally there is always at least one big photo exhibition going on during Berlin Fashion Week and this season it’s the Mario Testino exhibition In Your Face that is promoting his book of the same name. The exhibition has been moving around quite a lot and saw it last year in Buenos Aires. It show 125 of his most iconic photographs, both from his fashion, art and celebrity shots. The exhibition is taking place at the Kulturforum at Matthäikirchplatz and runs from January 20 – July 26, 2014.

4. Patrick Mohr Launch Event

For a long time Patrick Mohr has been the wild child of Berlin Fashion Week always creating little scandals for his fashion shows for example by using unusual models such as homeless people, body builders, handycapped people, albinos, etc. In the last year he has focussed more on presenting his commercial collaborations for his sneaker line and this season he continues this concept with a big launch event and party at the Konzulát which is an awesome new event space at Leipziger Str. 60 (entrance on Jerusalemer Strasse) in Mitte. The event takes place on Monday at 22h.

photo: iHeartBerlin

5. Fingerband Nail Art at École Store Event

Fashion boutique École is celebrating their collaboration with jewellery brand Chaca and musician Emika with a little event in their store at Torstr. 3 on Wednesday at 17h and for me the exciting part is that they invited the pop-up nail art bar Fingerbang and their girls from London to join the event and give the guests some amazing nails. I have seen them (and tried them out) before and it’s super amazing what there girls can do. Nail Art has not been very known here in Berlin, but it’s huge in London so it’s your chance to be progressive and impress with some artwork on your nails for the rest of the fashion week. There is also going to be a little after party with a live act later at 21h at the Chelsea Bar a blocks doors down the street.

photo: iHeartBerlin

6. SXX SELLS Fashion Week Closing

The biggest opening party is organized by an independant group and so is the biggest closing party. Since some of the more regular Fashion Week events and parties do not happen this season the SXX SELLS Closing party on Friday is not only the most fun, but also probably one of the only options to celebrate the end of the Fashion Week and they do it with a lot of style and a lot of irony. Because fashion is lacking a sense of humor way too much so these kids will give it the irony it deserves. The party takes place at Konzulát at Leipziger Str. 60 (entrance on the side of the building) starting at 23h.

We hope you enjoy these events and let you dive right into the fashion scene of Berlin. Have fun!