DJs this October at Le Faubourg Lounge

Berlin weather is a tempestuous dame and if you find yourself hungering for indoor distractions there is no better place to be every Friday and Saturday night through October than Le Faubourg Lounge Bar with our monthly DJ programme. Many of our regulars are back this month so come on down and enjoy, because the music sounds better with you’.

DJs Stelios Kazazis 1000 x 585

Friday 6th October Hara Katsiki

Greece’s contribution to Germany is the legendary Hara Katsiki and we are truly grateful. Her style was developed in the Athens club scene and the foundations of her music today are in moody electronic blends of lounge, deep house and slow motion disco. Her sexy lounge music has been a hit at festivals and events across Europe and she has spent more than a decade of her career holding court at clubs in Athens and the Greek Islands. She is a Lounge Bar favourite and never disappoints with her moody electronic blends. She also has a very cool Tumblr and of course you can tune in to her magic on soundcloud.

Hara Katsiki

Hara Katsiki

Saturday 7th October Danny Russell

Honing his skills on the underground scene of Manchester, Danny Russell has been a constant feature at many of the city’s most reputable venues from The Attic and Zumbar to Bluu and Sankeys. With a musical maturity advanced beyond his years, his sets are energetically delivered with a tight precision that amalgamates Balearic house and deep disco into one sizzling blend of sounds. An ardent vinyl collector since ’97 his musical philosophy is built upon robust and creative foundations. Favourite imprints include such bastions of sounds as Sound Signature, Disco Deviance, Rüf kütz, West End, Salsoul, Balihu and Tommy Boy. As a DJ he’s been capturing the mood of the dancefloor since ’98 and putting this crate digging talents to work as a proud ‘Audio Architect’. Now based in Berlin, Danny’s story continues upon a new canvas set right in the motherland of electronic music.

Danny Russell

Danny Russell

Friday 13th October Ekkohaus

Old school club sounds meet house and techno blends. Lines are blurred and samples are aplenty as Ekkohaus joins us again at Le Faubourg. He will fill your Saturday night with all the sounds you need and transport you to the place you need to be the most. Check him out here on soundcloud.



Saturday 14th October Natalia Escobar

Natalia Escobar blends Colombian pop lyrics with cool synth stylings. From the jungles of Colombia to Hong Kong, and from Bogota to Vienna, Natalia’s deep and diverse productions have graced the floors of many of London’s coolest spots, as well as Berlin’s own Club Der Visionaere. Listen to more here on her soundcloud.

Natalia Escobar

Natalia Escobar. Image © Nico Stinghe II

Friday 20th October Hara Katsiki

Hara Katsiki is a fixture at the Sofitel, and after her set on Friday 6th, returns to us on the 20th. We love her moody blended lounge music. Her sounds are solid but sexy and laced with memories from heady nights on the Greek Islands and many of Europe’s greatest clubs.

Hara Katsiki

Hara Katsiki – Saturday 30th May

Saturday 21st October Joie Iacono

Get ready to be dazzled as the sparkling talents of New York born, Berlin based multi disciplinary artist and DJ Joie Iacano hit the decks. Joie is also on the books with the Birds and Bells, along with Hara Katsiki. Her eclectic style results in a finely curated soundscape, creating a unique and memorable ambience every time she appears.

The colourful Joie Iacono - Djing at Sofitel this October

The colourful Joie Iacono – Djing at Sofitel this October

27th DJ Jauche

DJ Jauche is a legend on the Berlin music scene since the heady days of the 90’s at Walfisch. His solid reputation is from this and by association – he is the brother of THAT doorman – Sven Marquardt from Berghain. See some real Berlin artistry in action with local institution DJ Jauche in the lounge. Check him out here on soundcloud.

28th Alisa Mandrovska

Alisa Mandrovska returns after numerous Le Faubourg sets over the past few years. She comes to us on the back of regular gigs at Odessa bar in Mitte, Vice magazine parties and of course with us in the Lounge Bar.

Alisa Mandrosvka

Alisa Mandrosvka

To get that Le Faubourg feeling, check out the Sofitel’s soundcloud featuring some of these artists along with a few other surprises. Friday and Saturday nights from 9pm in Le Faubourg Lounge Bar.

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