DJ vibes this weekend at Le Faubourg

January is considered by many to be the most difficult month of Berlin’s winter and it’s almost over! Berliners will start to re-emerge in the coming weeks and we’re kicking things off with some excellent music and cocktails this weekend, with two of the finest and hottest DJs around. So join us at Le Faubourg Lounge Bar this Friday and Saturday night, because the music sounds better with you.

DJ Oct © Corey Blaz


Friday 26th January 

Kostas Taf is more commonly know around these parts as Ekkohaus. His old school approach to house techno blends delivers you to a place where original club sounds reign supreme, the lines between house and techno are blurred and some serious samples are dropped. You can hear just what we mean here on Soundcloud



DJs © Lee Campbell


Saturday 27th January

DJ Deita Berliner has an extensive list of credits to their name. Known from Pakalolo Soundlab, they have done sets at many of Berlin’s most prestigious and well known bars and clubs. From Bar Tausend, Neue Heimat, Soho House and Café am Neuen See, to Arena Club, About: Blank, Tresor/Globus, Volksbühne/Roter Salon and Paloma Bar to name but a few. Check out the sounds here on Soundcloud.

DJ © Dieta Berliner

DJs Stelios Kazazis

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