Berlin’s own cherry blossom festival

The ancient Japanese tradition of ‘Hanami’ or flower viewing, attracts millions of tourists to Japan each year to see the cherry trees in blossom. However the same experience can be had right here in Berlin with our very own cherry trees. After Easter every year, the Asian gardens at Marzahn’s  Gardens of the World in the city’s north west host the ‘Kirschblütenfestival’ or cherry blossom festival.

Cherry blossoms © Phil Hauser

On Sunday 15th April from midday until 5pm, the crowds will descend upon Marzahn, but the open spaces will make for a throughly relaxing and enjoyable event for everyone. There are blossoms throughout the  Japanese, Korean and Chinese Gardens, so there will be plenty of opportunities to take time to appreciate their delicate beauty.

Japanese Garden © Grün Berlin

Japanese Garden © Grün Berlin

Chinese Tea House © Grün Berlin

Chinese Tea House © Grün Berlin

Along with the Hanami, there will also be delicious Asian food and cultural events to be experienced. The entertainment will include traditional dancers and performers in costumes, dragon flute performances and martial arts demonstrations. Renowned asian fine arts such as calligraphy and ink painting will also be demonstrated. There will of course be activities for the children too. Asian food is ubiquitous now in Berlin but being able to enjoy it in the picturesque surrounds of the Asian gardens is something special. There will be a number of Asian food stands and drinks available – don’t eat a big breakfast so you can leave plenty of room for lunch!

Hanami © Kazuend WAdmission to the gardens is €7.00 for adults and €3.50 for children 6 – 14 years old. Children under 5 are free. The Gardens of the World are in Marzahn and can be entered at Eisenacher Str. 99. The Gardens of the World will take about an hour to reach by public transport and the Cherry Blossom Festival runs from midday to 5pm this Sunday, 15th April. For more information see here (sorry only in German).


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