Autumn at Le Faubourg

Restaurant Le Faubourg‘s seasonal approach to their menu ensures guests can experience the very best of regional produce, in season, when joining us for their dining experience. The menu is changed every 3 months to reflect the tastes of the season and uniquely offers dishes in traditional or nouveau style.

 The beautifully refreshed Restaurant Le Faubourg © Paul Sullivan

The beautifully refreshed Restaurant Le Faubourg © Paul Sullivan

The traditional approach uses classic ingredients, following the  original French style preparation and recipes, while the nouveau approach uses the same base ingredient such as fish, lamb or duck, in new and interesting ways to give a contemporary spin to the same style of dish. The autumn menu is now being served and it should not be missed.

One of the many great things about autumn is the allure of a warm bowl of soup before a meal. Choices this season include consommé of beef & beetroot with pulled pork, apple and leek, or a complex lobster bisque with bell pepper caramel, Lardo and almond.

Crisp sunny days with golden sunshine, great wine and sharing the love of food is what life is all about. Restaurant Le Faubourg encourages an appreciation for fine food and communal food is a highlight with the ‘Starters to Share’ menu. Prawns, halibut, scallops and pike perch round out the seafood offerings. Beef is served two ways – ceviche with parsley, mushrooms and fennel, or ribs with smoked bell pepper, herbs, parmesan, onion. There’s also duck liver with cherry, pistachio, olive, and dandelion. Seasonal favourite such as cauliflower, hazelnuts, and porcini mushrooms also make an appearance as does one of the stars of our menu – Goat cheese with smoked tomato, broad bean, eggplant, and Treviso.

Prawn Starter

Prawn starter to share with lettuce, mushrooms, pancetta, pumpkin, buttermilk

Halibut Starter

Halibut Starter to share with carrot, apple, radish, watercress, and algae

So many fresh and interesting flavours will have you longing for the main course. The autumn menu does not disappoint with leg or shoulder and rack of lamb, in traditional and nouveau styles, the oh so French leg of duck á l’orange and an Asian inspired breast and leg of duck. Sole and pike-perch are both offered in the two styles giving you four interesting variations on fish plates to choose from and the vegetarian selection includes a wonderful herb risotto featuring artichoke, bell pepper, courgette, olive and Swiss ‘Belper Knolle’ cheese, and a spinach, egg and potato dish featuring one of the true tastes of autumn – truffles.

Breast & leg of duck Main

Breast & leg of duck with pumpkin, Chinese cabbage, edamame, and sesame

Spinach, egg & potato Veg Main

Spinach, egg & potato with truffle, crème fraîche, red wine butter, and mushrooms

If you still have room for more then dessert will not disappoint. The mango and passionfruit ravioli with gin is flavoursome and light, and the Le Faubourg’s modern approach to the german classic apple crumble should not be missed – with granny smith apple, milk, buckwheat crumble, milk foam and ginger. Or maybe indulge your greatest chocolate desires with the tonka bean and chocolate, caramel ice cream, flan and white sesame. If dessert is too much you can always finish with the eternally elegant choice – a selection of cheeses by Affineur Waltmann and a glass of wine.

Apple Crumble

Granny Smith apple and milk, buckwheat crumble, milk foam and ginger

Tonka Chocolate

Tonka bean and chocolate with caramel ice cream, flan and white sesame

The menu is enhanced by a carefully selected digestif menu, from the talented mind of our very own Mathias Brandweiner – Germany’s youngest sommelier! Mathias has a vast selection of wines to offer you and is undoubtedly the expert in advising you what best to drink with your meal choice.

You can read the full menu online and start to dream about your wonderful evening at Le Faubourg. Reservations can be made here and you can also book through reception or call 030 800 999 7700.

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