Apéritif Aujourd’hui August

We know you have a lot of decisions to make on your trip – where to go , what to do, how many pairs of shoes to buy…! So the hotel’s own Sommelier Mathias Brandweiner and Le Faubourg Lounge Bar’s Manager Nico Wieduwilt curate our monthly Apéritif Aujourd’hui menu with that in mind. Now there’s one less thing for you to think about. Each week during the month, a featured beverage is served at the special price of €10, giving guests the opportunity to try some very interesting wines from around the world as well as some of the bar’s signature cocktails. This month we have three wine choices and a classic Berlin summer cocktail.

Nico in action, shaking a delicious Sauvignon Blanc white wine cocktail

Nico in action, shaking a delicious Sauvignon Blanc white wine cocktail

Saturday 1st August to Sunday 9th August: Riffault – Sancerre Quarterons 2012    

A crisp Sauvignon Blanc can rarely be faulted in summer and Sébastien Riffault’s 2012 Sancerre Quarterons is one of his more traditional creations. This wine offers floral tones on the nose with a yeasty foundation and delightful hints of citrus, summer fruits and mineral undertones on the palate.

Orange Wine Image © Melinda Barlow

Image © Melinda Barlow

Monday 10th August to Sunday 16th August: Domaine Majas – Majas Rouge 2014

The Domaine de Majas wines come from Southern France close to Andorra and soils here are typically clay and limestone. The Majas Rouge is s 50/50 blend of Carignan and Grenache Noir grapes and offers an interesting palate for those who like a light but fragrant red wine.


Monday 17th August to Sunday 23rd August: Hugo

Hugo is as essential to German summer as swimming in the lakes and eating ice cream. Saint Germain Elderflower liquer is poured into a white wine glass filled with ice cubes. Fresh mint is added and the glass is then topped up with sparkling white wine, soda and garnished with lime zest.  It’s a delightfully refreshing pre dinner drink with elderflower as the predominant flavour.

Hugo Cocktail LS

Try a cold refreshing Hugo this month at Lounge Bar Le Faubourg

Monday 24th August to Monday 31st August: Mosse – Rouchefer 2 Chenin Blanc 2010 

This Domaine Mosse white wine from western France is the perfect aperitif but its dryness also makes it a great wine to pair with a range of foods. Excellent with a simple blue cheese or even with dessert.





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